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Youth Shares How Park Place Has Impacted His Life

 Youth Shares How Park Place Has Impacted His Life

View Joe's story.

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Celebrating 40 Years in the Community

We’re celebrating 40 years of committed service to supporting runway, homeless, and at-risk youth. As we continue to see a rise in need in the coastal Georgia region, the need for the types of services Park Place Outreach provides is becoming more and more essential. Contributions are critical, as such, Park Place has launched 40 for 40 Anniversary Campaign. Consider a reoccurring gift today to help those most vulnerable – at-risk youth.

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Our Mission

The mission of Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter is to provide services to at-risk youth and their families, increase their functional level, and reunify families whenever possible.

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The PPO Approach

Under one mission Park Place operates four programs to address the multi-dimensional needs of young people experiencing or exhibiting at-risk behaviors or experiencing a crisis that places them at risk for

homelessness. Our approach is open, welcoming, loving, trauma-informed, positive and youth centered development based on evidence informed practices.

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A Vital Match: Prosocial & Family Preservation

Park Place utilizes practical intervention methods for at risk youth by promoting prosocial skills to overcome crisis, reduce risks, strengthen protective factors, and sustain family stability.

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A House
With a Heart

Every young person at Park Place receives a warm bed, food, health and wellness services, and, most important of all, unconditional love and respect.

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Park Place is committed to guiding transitional-age young males, who, without their support, would be at a much higher risk for homelessness and joblessness.

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It Takes a Village: The Path to Functional Zero

Park Place is committed in work to end homelessness by making homelessness rare and brief.

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are Gold

The Olde Pink House Partnership

“To do business in any community, you need to serve that community. The best way to serve that community is through our youth, you start with our children,” Craig Jeffers, The Olde Pink House General Manager.

Park Place Outreach and the Olde Pink House have a long-standing partnership to support at-risk youth through workforce development and hosting the best party in town for a cause.

Interested in becoming a 2024 sponsor contact, Adriana Tatum-Howard at adriana@parkplaceyes.org

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How You Can Help Create Positive Development for Youth

Positive Experiences + Positive Relationships + Positive Environments = Positive Youth Development.

Our prosocial approach engages youth and peer groups within their communities in a manner that is productive and constructive to enhances strengths, promote positivity, provide opportunities, foster positive relationships, and furnishing the support needed for youth to build on their strengths. We depend on the community to help us provide our youth with unique experiences and interactions. Join us in shifting the life trajectory of a youth. . . Today.

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Park Place Youth Gets Their First Job

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our kids has gotten his first job! This youth has been involved with Park Place for quite some time and has benefited from both our Emergency Shelter and our F.A.M. program. For confidentiality reasons, we do not share the identities of our Emergency Shelter youth with the public.

This month, the Emergency Shelter team helped this youth obtain his photo identification card, which he needed to gain employment. He is now an employee at the Olde Pink House, one of our community partners.

Since 2013, the Olde Pink House has made a strong effort to employ our youth with on-the-job training. Currently, the Pink House employs four young people from Park Place, including two young people that Park Place assisted in 2013 who are still employed there.

We wish we could show you how excited our youth was to get his ID and his first job, but you’ll just have to take the Park Place team’s word for it!

Read more about what’s happening at Park Place here.

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Resident Joins the Marine Corps

Transitional Living Program Resident Joins the Marine Corps

Park Place Outreach is proud to share that one of our TLP participants, Zack, joined the Marine Corps!

Zack graduated from Savannah High School earlier this year after being a resident in Park Place’s Transitional Living Program since August 2021.

Earlier this week, Park Place staff saw him off as he left for training. He told them that he felt he never would have graduated high school or joined the Marines without the support of the Transitional Living Program. He’s confident that the skills he’s learned at Park Place will help him be successful in the future!

We’re so proud of Zack for graduating high school and wish him luck with this next big step of his journey!

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Support Park Place Outreach

Support Park Place Outreach

We invite you to join us on our mission to protect those most at-risk in our community… the children. Your gift will make their future a safer one and will ensure that Park Place Outreach will continue to provide programs to other at-risk youth in the future.

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