Transitional Living Program

Transitional Living Program
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The Transitional Living Program at Park Place Outreach provides a stable and safe environment for homeless, runaway, and at-risk young men ages 16 to 21 while equipping them with tools for sustained independence and self-sufficiency.

This residential program focuses on their well-being, positive and permanent connections, academic success, safe and secure housing, and employment opportunities. Residents may remain in the program for up to 18 months. By working with a dedicated team, formerly homeless young men will gain essential life skills, case management services, and personalized wraparound services that will help them experience and sustain a secure and purpose-filled life.

For additional information, please contact the Transitional Living Program at  (912) 234-4048 or

Our committed and compassionate specialists and case managers help residents:

  • Transition to their new home at Park Place
  • Apply for health insurance and seek medical and mental health care
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn and apply proper money management skills
  • Improve self-defeating behaviors and develop practical life skills for successful personal development
  • Finish high school or earn a GED
  • Navigate college or career and technical training
  • Secure and maintain employment
  • Establish healthy and permanent connections
  • Connect with essential community resources
  • Increase involvement with their children, if applicable
  • Transition to successful independent living, including aftercare services

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