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The mission of Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter is to provide services to at-risk youth and their families, increase their functional level, and reunify families whenever possible.

Park Place Outreach, Inc., formerly Marshlands Foundation d.b.a. Savannah Runaway Home, has two facilities on East Henry Street in Savannah, Georgia. Park Place Outreach has served over 6,500 teens in the Savannah community since 1984, providing emergency shelter, meals, and counseling to at-risk youth and their families. Park Place Outreach provides a safe, secure, and loving temporary home for teens who are homeless, runaways, or victims of abuse, and also for youth in DFCS and DJJ custody as a preferable alternative to foster care or detention.

Park Place Outreach is the only facility in the area where homeless or runaway can self-report without an agency or family referral. Park Place Outreach works closely with Greenbriar Children’s Home when longer-term placement or transitional living services are needed.

Additionally, Park Place Outreach collaborates with local law enforcement agencies and government officials in the shared mission to reduce juvenile crime.

About Park Place Outreach

Together we can make this a better world. Park Place Outreach Inc., is in the business of changing lives, giving hope and improving odds by ensuring that youth have access to safety, guidance and caring adults.

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We invite you to join us on our mission to protect those most at-risk in our community… the children. Your gift will make their future a safer one and will ensure that Park Place Outreach will continue to provide programs to other at-risk youth in the future.