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Family Always Matters (F.A.M.)

Family Always Matters (F.A.M.)

The Family Always Matters Program (F.A.M.) is located in the Dobransky Drop-in Center at Park Place Outreach, Inc. (PPO). F.A.M. works with teens and their families to receive case management services, support services, and placement prevention services to help teens remain safely in their homes to sustain and maintain family stability.

F.A.M. programming is provided afterschool weekly, Monday through Thursday with summer programming during the summer months. The program runs from after school to 6 p.m. Park Place offers transportation from select schools and takes all kids home after the program. The groups cover a variety of topics, including academic support, life skills, coping and anger management, health classes, and other life-skill-based programming in a group setting with peers. Staff also works directly with parents. For additional information, contact (912) 234-4048 or info@parkplaceyes.org.

Who Do We Serve?

Who Do We Serve?

Youth between the ages of 11-17

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Services We Offer

Services We Offer
  • Service Plan
  • Case Management
  • Behavioral Management
  • Parent Education & Training
  • Life Skills
  • Peer Support Group
  • Education Support
  • Employment Support
  • Health Management
  • After School Transportation

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Together we can make this a better world. Park Place Outreach Inc., is in the business of changing lives, giving hope and improving odds by ensuring that youth have access to safety, guidance and caring adults.

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